Monday, June 9, 2014

Mommy's separation anxiety?

I'm now on my 36th week of pregnancy. I feel so excited that we're about to see baby #2 very soon but I am also bothered... I'm giving birth thru Caesarean section but I'm not worrying about the operation. It is the time that I'm going to be away from Aby that I'm so anxious about. I also had CS when I gave birth to Aby and I stayed in the hospital for 4 days. Knowing I'd be away from home that long really bothers me.  :(

I can't remember a single time that I got separated from Aby for more than 12 hours which I never want to happen. I really can't bear the thought of not seeing Aby even for a single day. I've been thinking about it for days now and it makes me sad. I know it's unlikely that Aby will be permitted to visit me. I also don't want her to be exposed to bacteria or viruses that could be lurking in the hospital room. 

Yes, I can use skype or whatever application to be able to see and talk to her. But, I will not be able to kiss and hug her for days...

Am I acting so weird or other moms feel the same way too? 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Free Drypers Wee Wee Dry diaper

Hello there!

I just want to share to you that I received free samples of Drypers diaper yesterday. Hurray!
Thanks to Drypers for sending me these samples.

How did I get it? Well, I've actually been looking for free sample products for my daughter and/or upcoming baby. You know that "The Best things in life are Free," right?  :)
I checked out websites of specific brands that I wanted to try. Then, I found that Drypers is giving free samples so I contacted them through the Drypers Contact page

I almost forgot that I asked for the samples until they arrived at my place. I was really surprised when the lobby guard handed me the package. The envelope didn't indicate where it came from so I had to open the brown envelope to realize it. The envelope had 2 packs of Large size diapers which contained 2 pieces of each so I got a total of 4 Drypers diapers.

I'll share how it worked for Aby in my next post.  :)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Worried about upcoming baby and a toddler

I'm on my 33rd week of pregnancy now and in a few weeks time, another God's gift will arrive. Right now, I'm worrying about one thing that could happen--Aby might get jealous of her baby sibling.

Since the day I knew I was pregnant with my second child, I've been wondering how will my 2-year-old daughter accept the new addition in the family? 

Aby is very playful and affectionate. She loves attention too. She makes sure that someone notices what she does by calling our attention and repeating whatever it is that she did. One thing that makes me worry is that she seems to be possessive. She can share food and toys but she definitely dislike seeing us holding or playing with other babies/children. The first time she showed this was when we greeted her new born cousin. She frowned, shouted, pushed the other baby and "secretly" pinched him. She transferred to anyone who held the baby. She was still 7 months at that time.

My office mate shared one trick to make Aby accept her sibling and might make her proud as a big sister. He said that when relatives and friends arrive to see the new baby, they should greet Aby first and ask her to show them the new baby. So the rule would be--give attention to Aby first, make her feel important and spend some time with her if possible before seeing the new baby. I really hope this will work!

On my search for more tips, I saw a list of things that I can do to help my child accept a new sibling. Read the full list at
These 5 things are somewhat what I planned to do. It's great to know I'm on the right track! :)

1. Give her special jobs. Let your first born help out — she may surprise you with how much she can do.
I will ask her to hand over things like the tissue, so she would feel needed.

2. Ask her advice. Ask your toddler: "Do you think the baby would like to wear the blue shirt or the yellow shirt?" or "Do you want to help me tell a story?" 
Aby might enjoy choosing the color of the shirt for the baby. :)

3. Read stories about her new role. Stories that show children enjoying and taking pride in their little sibs present positive role models for your child. 
Since Aby likes to imitate Dora a lot, we've been letting her watch Dora the Explorer - Big Sister Dora episode. I always try to explain to her what is happening in that episode. I'm hoping that when the new baby comes, she'll be able to accept him/her.

4. Acknowledge her feelings. Rather than scolding her, acknowledge her feelings. She may just need to know you understand her feelings and that you can take a minute to listen to and hold her.
We make it a point to ask her what is the matter when she becomes irritated or when she cries. It makes her pause, tells us what upsets her and gives us the opportunity to divert her attention. I hope that she would still do when the baby arrives.

5. Spend a little time alone with her. Spend some time each day with just your toddler, even if it's only a few minutes of drawing or building with blocks. This time makes her feel special and reminds her that you're her mommy as well as the baby's.
Dividing time for the baby and Aby could be hard at times but I hope that we'll be able to give as much time to both children. 
Aby with her baby toy
Right now, I've been trying to explain to her that we're having a new baby and that he/she is inside mommy's belly. She would hug my belly and say "I love you" as if she is talking to the baby. Then Aby would say "" and will go looking for the lotion and put some on my belly. It gives me an ease when I see her enjoy the moment and then clap after. Also, Aby has a toy baby that she loves dearly. She makes me nurse the toy whenever she thinks that it's crying. I hope that she'll be the same when the time comes...

Good luck to us!  :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tranquil Tuesday

Hello there!
It's been a long time since I wrote about something. My last post was about one of the little activities that we do with my daughter. During the conceptualization of this blog, I planned to write mostly about my daughter, getting fit and other things that a mom could share. My main focus was to share how I can achieve the slimmer body that I used to have before pregnancy. 

But then on November 2013, I learned that I was pregnant -- again! Haha! So, I stopped the diet and the work out. And with that, I suddenly lost the drive to write. Forgive me if I would put all the blame to the morning sickness (rather all day sickness) that I experienced during the first and second trimester. I vomitted in any time of the day, felt nauseous, became grumpy and moody. I'm sure that some of you moms could agree with me...

Right now, I can feel him/her grow so fast and constantly moving like he/she is swimming inside of me. Yes, I say he or she because we're still unsure if it's going to be a baby boy or girl. I'll be making the announcement soon. My belly is now 31 weeks, just a few weeks more and baby is here! Soon I will be giving birth to another wonderful blessing from God. May he/she be smart, obedient, respectful and God-loving.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hide and seek with Aby

ANNA-B Stories

I used to share stories to office friends in my previous workplace about the progress and milestones of my daughter. Ok, now I miss them...

I love to share those stories with them because they are very interested. They would even ask me for an update and they called it Anna-b stories. Anna-b stands for Annabeth.

When I resigned from my previous job, they said that they missed my stories about my daughter so I thought of writing it down. I posted it on Facebook and tagged them in it. That way, I get to share another story with them as well as other friends, too! :)

Since it's throwback Thursday, I'm posting the same story here:

Last night....Mommy, Daddy and Aby are playing hide and seek. Si mommy ang taya so nagtago sa na sila sa room na walang ilaw. (Mommy is the seeker so they hid in a dark room.)

Dad: Wag ka maingay ha. (Don't make a noise, ok?)
Aby: ----

Mom (pretending that she does not know the hiding place, shouted): Aby...

No answer. silence.

Mom: What's your name?

Aby peeked out of the hiding place and said:  Aby!

Mommy wins!  :)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

On getting fit after Pregnancy

I saw this picture of Maria Kang this morning, it was shared to me by my friend. There is no other option but to answer the question with - "No, I don't have an excuse!" But on a second thought, maybe I do have an excuse. Hahaha! Well, I had a C-section when I gave birth to my daughter Aby. That was the reason why I was not able to go back to doing what I usually do. What more for a work out, right? Come on, say yes!

My self esteem was not high before pregnancy and it got lower after pregnancy. The scar, stretch marks, clothes does not fit well anymore, and bigger cheeks are bothering me. I did not really grew big, it's just that I now have the flab around my waist which makes me uncomfortable to wear my pre-pregnancy clothes. I gained a couple of inches on my waist so my pants are really tight. Plus the fact that Aby is growing and getting heavier that I had a hard time when I pick her up. I felt so weak.

I'm just thankful that Hubby helped me boost my confidence by randomly complimenting on how I looked. He would sometimes call me gorgeous or sexy! Even though I do not really believe it, those compliments really helped a lot. And what I really appreciate is the look of sincerity that I see everytime he says those compliments to me.

Right now, I'm taking baby steps to getting fit again just like before. I have been working out at most two times a week for more than two months now. I do cardio on the stationary bike, a little bit of weights to strengthen my arms and back and some work out for the abs. These are some of the gym equipment that I use:

As of now, the result that I see is that my arms and back became stronger because I am now able to carry baby Aby for a longer period of time which means more bonding time with her.

So after seeing that picture, I felt more determined to get slim and fit. I hope that I will be able to maintain the activity. May God give me the perseverance!
Have a great weekend everyone! :)  ♥

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A sweet welcome greeting

Yesterday was a long day for me. I felt tired by the end of the day and as usual, I went straight home. While walking towards the condo, I saw hubby and our daughter Aby at the terrace waving at me. That painted a smile on my face in an instant. But what really took my tiredness away was something that Aby did when I arrived.

So I was climbing up the stairs when I heard Aby say Mommy for several times as if she missed me real bad. She seemed so excited to see me. This is not very usual because she does this for her dad. Yeah, a Daddy's girl.

So! when I finally reached our doorstep, she stretched out her hands to hug me and laid her head on my shoulder while saying mommy over and over again. Then I asked her to "sing for mommy." Since she can only say a few words, her song would mostly be humming in between meaningless syllables to imitate an actual song. And she "sang" while embracing me and patting my back gently. was very relaxing.